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The equipment used for the FitBingo, FitWord and Intellectual Fitness classes is detailed. The optional equipment is available from ourselves for at a nominal fee plus delivery. In order for participants to obtain the maximum benefit from the classes, we recommend that the equipment package is used.

Here is a demonstration of a FitBingo class using equipment. Please note the bingo cards are supplied by ourselves at no charge and no two bingo cards are the same.

The puzzles used for FitWord are customised to suit the participants particular interests. The puzzles are supplied at no charge by ourselves. Once again it can be seen how the equipment is used for the various exercises.

The above represents our At Home On Demand service which houses a number of videos covering various aspects of fitness. The length of the videos varies from 20 to 60 minutes in length.

Print Media

Pictures used with kind permission of The Hawthorns, Braintree.