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Ronald is certainly well qualified for the roles he undertakes and I was seriously impressed with the work he does with older people and people with learning and physical disabilities. Impressive!

Ray, South East England

I hired Ron Gladwell, the owner of Gym In Motion early September 2015 to June 2021 for my mother.

so that you understand my background, I was from 2000 to 2006 a hirer of trainers and fitness instructors for Lady of America gyms in Las Vegas and then became more recently a Pilates instructor with Scott and then a teacher trainer for the same organisation.

i was looking for someone competent and knowledgeable to train my elderly mother two times a week in her home. It was hard for me to trust anyone with someone's health Whois so precious to me, especially with my background in fitness, as I know first hand how uninformed some trainers can be, as I use to be one of them!.

in Ron I found a very professional, very educated and non egotistical person whom if I wished to emphasis certain aspects of my mothers training, was always courteous, always had time to discuss her needs and has never been dismissive.

Ron has for years never been late, he has never taken advantage of my mother where money is concerned, to the extent I feel somewhat to his detriment. Not once has my mother been injured but always feel the workout the next day. If it wasn't for his visits her health would have seriously deteriorated (we are understanding the effect of twice a week workouts now, as during the virus shut down she wasn't exercising and there's a decline of stability, flexibility, coordination and cognition). Qualifications and diplomas on the wall are of course important, but what makes a good trainer is down to personality and how clients feel about that individual. Ron has shown to be personable, kind and patient and always takes time to listen to my mother without judgement and criticism and she enjoys her time with him tremendously. With my living so far away, the peace of mind I have that my mother is in good hands is invaluable. I cannot emphasise enough that Ron is an assist to the fitness industry.

Melody M-H, Florida, USA

Thanks for a good session last night

Following our conversations , I took time to go thru your assessment and relate my details back to your graphs

I must say I was extremely surprised at the results

Basically you have encouraged and steered me to get the majority of the figures from red/bad areas  into the good/green/ normal areas ,

I must confess that this was a great and very pleasant surprise

I knew I was losing weight and feeling fitter , but generally my whole  life has taken a turn for the best . With the stress that I get under at this stage of the year , ( this year has been even busier) and looking back at previous seasons , I am sure I would not be in the better state of health I am today , if it were not for all your hard efforts

Ian H, Cambridgeshire 

“Ronald motivated me and introduced me to my now regular fitness regime. I found him to be professional, well mannered, respectful of others and produced workouts that achieved my goals and exceeded them. I found him to be reliable and his out of the box ideas sometimes seemed very strange to me but they did work. He's is very easy to get on with and I felt very calmed and comfortable in his presence and had no quarms about having him train me in my own house. This man has vast knowlegable and as he practices what he instructs others to do he can give perspective from both an instructor and a exerciser. His true life anidotes are interesting and do reinforce a point.
If you hire Ronald, which I hope you will do you need to listen and do all that he says and you will get results. If he is the start of the new era of fitness professionals, then the industry will only do well.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Margaret S, London

"Gym In Motion makes getting in shape so easy, I have no excuse not to exercise.The fact that they bring the gym and the trainer to me and provide a very flexible schedule allows me to work out where I want to, when I want to. Plus, I noticed a difference in just 2 weeks. Each session was followed up with an email on what was discussed and each day I recieved a motivational email. If I didn't have Ronald with his positive spirit motivating me I would not have stuck to my fitness programme."

Top Qualities: Expertise, Confidence, Communication, Motivation

Brenda B, London
hired Gym In Motion more than once.

“I found Ronald to be extremly adaptive and personal in his creation and maintenance of my indiviual Personal Training goals.

He actively listened to my needs and shared his wide expertise on possible goals and aspirations for physcial transformation.

His integrity and ability to motivate shone through at every moment. The provision of his services coupled with a detailed technical /medical knowledge of the human body gives peace of mind that technique and quality of the training is more important than the ''Quantity".

The products sold by his organisation are high quality and come with the highest international gradings and help to achieve the desired results.

I can only wish Ronald and his growing team the best for the future and will defintely use his services again and highly recommend them to anyone thinking of acheiving amazing transformational results to their health, well being and body image.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Shawn R, London
hired Gym In Motion more than once

"Ronald takes time and was intuitive in his understanding of what I wanted to achieve, and do, in my training regime. I liked the way he took the time to listen and understand what I wanted to do and this, I think, sets him apart from other Personal Trainers.

He tailored the programme exactly to my strengths; he quickly picked up on the exercises I didn’t particularly like doing and designed a different exercises in there place, to work the same muscle group. (I used to find that there were always a couple of exercises I didn’t enjoying doing but with Ronald’s programme this isn’t an issue for me, so thanks Ronald).

If you have the opportunity and the space in your working day to take some time out and spend this with Ronald you’ll see that in retrospective that it is time well spent.

I also discussed my diet and needed to lose a few pounds and I now have a much better dietary regime and am on the way to achieving my goal.

Thanks very much Ronald for your patience and perseverance."

Top Qualities: Motivation, Good Value, Presentable, Expertise, Excellant Results

Jeff S, Lincolnshire 

hired Gym In Motion more than once.